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11 Ways to Level Up Your Life

11 Ways to Level Up Your Life   Often times we over complicate things in life, we “get in our own way if you will” I know I have been my own self-limiting factor on numerous occasions.   In light of my past failures and self destructive f*ck ups I came up with 11 simply […]

Living an Authentic Life

Living an Authentic Life ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness   I got this question from one of our Inner Circle Members, they asked me:   “How do I live an authentic life? As I struggle with being myself and caring what others think.”   My advice is simple:   #1 STOP caring “what you think the […]

17 Must Read Books in 2016

17 Must Read Books in 2016 by Jeremy Scott I read over 100 books per year and have for the past 3 years in a row. Or should I have listened to over 100 books a year, I love audible and my learning style is very auditory. I play to my strengths in that regard […]

Do you want to grow as a person?

Do you want to grow as a person?    If you want to grow you have to commit.    Anything worth having requires commitment…we tell our athletes the same thing here at Jeremy Scott Fitness   But commit to what…growing? Improving?   Yes – but let’s get more specific for a minute.   I’ve listed […]

You DON’T need more “stuff”

You DON’T need more “stuff”   Many of us have too much of nothing.   We are drowning in possessions.   We hoard “stuff” we think we need that we would often be so much better without.   Look around your house, how many things can you find that you haven’t worn, touched or used […]

You Are The 1%

You Are The 1% Be grateful for the life you have not the one you don’t. Often times we get so caught up wanting, wishing, and worrying about the life we don’t have or the life we think we want.   We have quote on the wall of our facility at Jeremy Scott Fitness here […]

Living Life on Purpose

Living Life on Purpose by Jeremy Scott             Waking up just for a paycheck….             Spending your lifetime to payoff debt….             Slaving away the best years of your life for “material stuff”…             Being uninspired M-F 40 plus hours a week…             Working for the weekend….   However you want to phrase it, that […]

Beast of the Month Elise Guetti

BEAST OF THE MONTH- Elise Guetti Where are you originally from? I was born in Austin, but I have lived in the valley for almost 44 years. However, according to my grandmother, “Once a Texan, you are always a Texan!”. How long have you been coming to JSF? 9 months What was your fitness regimen prior […]

Life Lessons: 32 Years & 32 Lessons

32 Years & 32 Life Lessons by Jeremy Scott  Over the last few years I have wrote a blog on my Birthday dropping what I like to call some ” real life knowledge bombs” I think could help you guys live a more meaningful life.  Like every year to say 2015 didn’t go 100% exactly […]