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Do What You Love…

Do What You Love…   In your daily life the normal M-F hustle do you do what you love? For a living or even a hobby?   What do you love doing?   I am sure there are a handful of things you love and have loved at various stages of your life.   Take […]

50 Days of Fitness Challenge

50 Days of Fitness Challenge is BACK!  Jeremy Scott Fitness  Our annual Last 50 Days of the Year fitness challenge is back. Spots are limited but you can still grab one by clicking HERE    50 Days of Fitness Fat Loss Challenge November 11th – December. 31st Spots Extremely Limited Register NOW! Some studies say […]

Body Transformation 75lbs Fat Loss

~ Body Transformation 75lbs Fat Loss ~ ~ Dr. Ben Leff with Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ben Leff here in Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona over the past several months. To say his transformation was amazing would be selling this effort short, Ben has literally transformed his entire lifestyle […]