Reebok Jeremy Scott Shoe Giveaway #YourReebok

Reebok Jeremy Scott Shoe Giveaway #YourReebok

Ok guys the moment is here we are going to be getting one of you a custom card so you can build #yourreebok shoes. All you need to do is enter your name and contact info below. We are picking another winner at the end of the week, I will say this again making and having your own shoes makes you feel like a total bad ass!!! At least to me it does…….

Here is my 1st custom Jeremy Scott Fitness creation – 

#yourReebok website –

Living out here in AZ, everyone keeps asking “what are those Lakers shoes? 

Child Please! -These are MN Vikings inspired shoes I might live out in the wild west, but you can’t forget where you come from. Even if the Vikings are just about as bad as they can possibly be – I will stay loyal to AP as long as he keeps doing the damn thing week after week!

My inspiration for the Jeremy Scott Fitness #YourReebok custom kicks 

The 2013 MN Vikings

I process of making these kicks was so easy, and honestly a lot of fun! I share the entire breakdown in a previous post check it out –

You guys control every aspect of the creation process – inside and out – if nothing else hop on visit the site and give it a try while you are at work “pretending to work” it’s more fun than you can imagine!


So ONE LUCK READER of this blog will be the winner – if you comment below we will give you double the chance of winning – so comment below “I WANT MY OWN CUSTOM REEBOK KICKS” and tag us on Facebook – “Jeremy Scott Fitness p.s leaving your email address helps as well! –

I will be contacting one of you by Friday night and going over the details so you can make your own custom #yourreebok kicks!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – Reebok # YourReebok 




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