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30,000 Days Of Life – Jeremy Scott Fitness 


“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” – Emily Dickinson 

30,000 days of life, that’s all most of us get…….

Just 30,000 on average – some of us a few more, many of us get far less days of life. 

Only 30,000 mornings & 30,000 nights to wake up and go to sleep……

If you are 25 years old you have just over 20,000 of those days left…..

If you are 54 years old like my Mother you have about 10,000 days left to live…..

A sudden illness, accident, some bad luck can change all that in a blink of an eye, maybe now that I am the BIG 30- 30 years old that is I think of things a little differently. Somewhere in my twenties around the time I started Jeremy Scott Fitness – my life starting moving fast, way too fast! 

I have been so busy working, training, reading, learning, dedicating my time to be the smartest, most motivated, hard working person I could be I went from 24-30 years old in what seems like a few days. I have done so much for Jeremy Scott Fitness, dedicated so much time, effort, energy to this amazing group of athletes, but in the process I neglected a few important things on the way.

Many of us tend to think about our life like this endless ocean that just keeps going & going because when you are 20-30-40-50 years old you can’t see the end of your life. 

But when you really break it down the little things in your life only happen so many times…..

Think about it……

How many Tuesday afternoons will you really remember as “special” in your life? 

Maybe 5 – think about how many epic Tuesday nights have you had in the past year? 

How many more times will you sit, realx and enjoy the sunrise?  Maybe 15, maybe 10, maybe less….

Ponder that less than 15 times in the rest of your life you would sit and watch the sunrise & enjoy it. Seems crazy but if you don’t stop, make time, slow down and enjoy these things they are all gone before you know it!

My personally last year I might have watched at best 3 sunrises – 1 with Heather in Hawaii which I remember like it was yesterday & will probably never forgot……which just goes to prove my point….the little things in your life are not really that little at all when you think about it!

Life is not limitless, your time with family & loved ones is not limitless…..

Many of you reading this have less than 20,000 days left, some of you closer to 10,000 days….

Some of the days you will spend in traffic, waiting in line, sleeping, working out and so on….

Just make a promise to yourself to spend some of those days doing the things you really love, with the people  who really matter, because each day that goes by is another day you won’t get back. 

I say this because at 30 I realize it, I have spent a little too much time working, grinding, trying to be the best at what I do & along the way I forgot to make time for some of the important things, calling my Dad every week, calling my best buddies back, taking trips with Heather, the list goes on….

What I have learned is that it’s a balance that we all need to have, but you need to find it for you & your life just like I have found with my life and my time. 

My advice at the start of every day…..

Ask yourself “how can I make today a day I wish I could relive again years from now?” 

“It’s your life – but only if you make it so.” – E.Roosevelt 

Make today the most epic bad ass day it can be!!!

Until next time, eat well, train hard, & be nice to people. 


Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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