Caffeine and Your Kids via Kelly Groff

Caffeine and Your Kids via Kelly Groff

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness- 


Most of our readers and Jeremy Scott Fitness Athletes, have kids, myself included.  Alot of us talk about how to get our kids to make healthier food choices.  What should we pack them for lunch?  What kind of breakfast food can we give them etc.  I have been thinking about this alot   but what really sparked my thought on this  was when I was going down to the hospital cafeteria and I saw many kids, teenagers drinking starbucks, and some drinking energy drinks.

So I would like to touch base on caffeine and our youth.  Now I am all for caffeine, I always say I need a little to get myself going every day and thats why I take Prolab advanced caffeine pills every morning.  But our youth I feel is consuming more caffeine than they even know, and I don’t feel it’s healthy.  I researched and found that even though most people think energy drinks are consumed mostly by teenagers it’s actually coffee.  An article in Pediatrics Journal stated that “ more 17 and 18 year olds are consuming almost double the amount of coffee than a decade ago.  And younger tweens ages 12-16 are drinking coffee now too.”

The enticing drinks from starbucks really appeal to this age, I know my daughter will ask for a drink from starbucks and she is 10!!!  At 10 I just knew coffee was the brown stuff everybody drank and you could smell it on their breath all morning.

Like I said earlier I am all for some caffeine but SOME I think these kids don’t realize how much they are consuming for example, a 12oz cup of coffee from starbucks contains about 260 milligrams of caffeine,  that is about 5 times as much as caffeine found in a diet coke.  The problem is they don’t stop there, they continue to drink more and more throughout the day.   For the average adult about 300 mg of caffeine is good for one day. The effects of too much caffeine can be dangerous it can cause side effects such as anxiety, accelerated heartbeat, dizziness, irritability and the list goes on and on.

So just make sure you let your kids know just what’s in that “fancy” Starbucks drink and just how much caffiene their little bodies can handle! Kelly Groff -Team JSF Coach Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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