50 Days of Fitness -Fat Loss Challenge is BACK 

 50 Days of Fitness Fat Loss Challenge

November 11th - December 31st  

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Some studies say the average "Holiday" weight gain is between 7-10lbs from around Thanksgiving to New Year's.... that's 7-10lbs of extra body fat you will be packing on....WOW!  

Other studies have shown it's closer to 3-5lbs of fat people add over the holidays..... but lets say its only 1-2lbs of fat.... between Halloween and New Year’s, those pounds are hard to lose.  

Do the math if you put on just two pounds a year over the course of 10 years, you’ll gain 20 hard-to-lose pounds! This is what experts refer to as “creeping obesity” and unless you can avoid holiday weight gain, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid the creep.  

The sad reality for most people is they over-eat, over-drink, and under-exercise which leads to added weight gain, added body fat, bloating, fatigue, feeling sluggish, and not to mention added cold-flu-sickness! In fact, roughly 75% of annual weight gain takes place during the holiday season.... that's 3/4 of you reading this.

For this reason we put together our 50 Days of Fitness -Fat Loss Challenge  

Who is this for? Anyone looking to avoid any holiday weight gain and be held accountable over the Holiday season. People who are looking to actually get into better shape, NOT worse shape over the holidays. 

What do you get?  

50 Days of Fitness -Literally 50 days of workouts & access to us at Jeremy Scott Fitness. We will be adding bonus training sessions, off-site training sessions, for our online athletes, posted videos to follow along at home or on the road, as well as print and play training for training. - Value $299  

All we want is for you guys to get 50 days of activity in, moving working and sweating everyday!  

Holiday Survival Guide - access to our Holiday eating program to follow along and make the best choices possible when eating at home and on the road. - Value $79  

Holiday Grocery store guide - print and take with you as you head to the store over the holiday season! - Value $29  

Accountability Schedule - planning your trips, events, cheats in advance and learning how to eat-drink-enjoy the holidays with your health in mind. - Value $29  

Private FB coaching group access - daily messages, content, ideas, 20 MUST FOLLOW tips for Holiday Fat Loss, and feedback about how to stay ahead of any roadblocks in your way. - Value $79  

Daily -Training check-ins - Q-A sessions with Jeremy & staff inside the group to get answers to any and all holiday fat loss questions. Endless education and numerous bonuses to ensure you guys don't take a step back over the holidays!  

BONUS - for 2 lucky winners 1 male & 1 female who make the biggest progress, give the best effort, and really strive to be active each day -making the best choices - we have an AMAZING Holiday Prize Package valued at over $300 each!

What's the cost?  

In-Person with gym access - AZ Residents ONLY $199  

Online Access ONLY $149  

Jeremy Scott Fitness Members ONLY $99  

Spots are limited for this 50 Days of Fat Loss Fitness challenge if you are serious about being part of a positive, driven, motivated group this holiday season - fill out the form ASAP and get a spot before they are gone!  

We start November 11th off with a BANG! 

Quick FAQ - for challenges....  

Can I do this if I don't live in Scottsdale? Yes- 100% pricing reflects that and you will have access to more content than you can even handle via our private coaching groups!  

Will you hold extra training sessions or post the workouts online? Yes- we will have some extra Sunday sessions and when possible; we will invite you guys off-site to join us for different training events- also special challenges posted via video and PDF for everyone to complete daily and while traveling.  

Can I invite friends and family to join? Yes please do, but hurry as spots will sell out fast....we encourge getting a partner and friends to join for the added accountability!  

Can I do this without Facebook? Yes you can but we HIGHLY reccommend you create an account and use it for this challenge -trust me it will be well worth your time the education and accountability is endless!  

Any additional questions please let us know, honestly this challenge is for anyone and everyone looking to STOP the holiday weight gain.  

If you want to save your hard earned efforts, and keep making progress over the holidays this is exactly what you need!  

Don't be part of the 75% of people who gain weight, add body fat, and feel bloated, tired, sluggish, and sick over the holidays....break the cycle and enjoy your holiday treats, and events feeling lean and loving life with us - register ASAP!  

Non-JSF Members AZ Residents

Online Access ONLY  

JSF Members ONLY

Just $199 

Just $149 

Just $99