Jeremy Scott – Prolab Athlete –

Starting off 2012 Jeremy Scott Fitness has some amazing things coming your way! I wanted to start off the 1st official blog of 2012 with a bang, and announce as of this morning I am proud to say I am an official sponsored Athlete with Prolab Nutrition! I am very excited and humbled to be […]

Transformation Contest 2012 -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitness presents… The 2012 8-Week Fitness Transformation Contest is BACK BABY!!!!!!! Get that Body Back for the New Year!!!!!!   Over the last few years, I have helped hundreds of people just like you lose thousands of lbs of fat. Our unique and integrated rapid fat loss training and nutrition system is second […]

Women and the Scale – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitness – I just wanted to send out a little message to all the ladies, who no matter what we say always worry about the scale. I can’t say it enough, nobody cares what you weigh, nobody ever asks me….why? Because it doesn’t matter simple as that. Take a minute as I […]

Bands for ABS – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Why should you use bands for ABS? Jeremy Scott Fitness Bands By now if you are reading the blogs Jeremy Scott Fitness sends out you understand your abs control the movement of your spine. To go into greater detail we are talking about the L-Spine (Lumbar Spine). We are not talking about moving the spine, […]

Meals at your Door – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys Jeremy Scott Fitness recently partnered up with a company that believes in getting people healthy and delivers customized meals to your house.   Here is the link:     Is this for everyone? NO…People who already make 100% of their own meals, go shopping 1-2 per week, and don’t mind food preparation […]

Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks Jeremy Scott Fitness

A little Thanksgiving giving thanks Jeremy Scott Fitness style….I will keep this as fitness related as possible and rattle off the Top 5 things I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for…….   1. All our clients via online, personal training, boot camp, and youth campers you guys truly do kick ass each […]

10 Training Rules to Live By – Jeremy Scott Fitness

10 Training Rules to Run your Fitness Life By – Jeremy Scott Fitness Pick up and lift heavy shit at least 2 days per week, stronger people not only tend to perform better and look like rock stars, but they are also more  useful when it comes to moving furniture. Always–question, ask, study, and try new […]

Medical Massage-Jeremy Scott Fitness

Attention all Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Members we are working with an amazing talent that will only benefit you in your corrective exercise regimen. Lisa Faure, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy and Medical Massage is offering a discount to all Team JSF Members $10 off any services, also for every referral you send you will receive […]