Respect –

I wanted to touch on respect today and maybe not in the sense you are thinking but respect for your body, its gifts, its faults, its durability, its fragile nature………. Respect the fact you have 24 hours each day to train your ass off, there are millions of people sitting in wheel chairs or worse […]

It’s about the Finish

It’s not about where you start but where you finish in life some of us started out rich, some poor, some middle of the pack……..same goes for your health and fitness journey. Some of us start out paper thin with zero muscle mass and couldn’t gain weight good or bad to save their life, others […]

Double Trouble -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Big shout out to all the Double Trouble Boot Campers who rocked out with us today and thank you all for the amazing photo!!!! If you guys are interested in checking out Boot Camps Saturday 9am Drop-In’s are great way to see what Team Jeremy Scott Fitness is all about and for only $10 and […]

March Madness Boot Camp – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Thanks to all the March Madness Boot Campers who came in and rocked camp this morning, you guys are amazing!!! Thanks to Alex, Noel, Chris, Kathy, Quinn, Carey, Elena, Heather, Jerene, Kathleen, Little Ben, Michelle, Big Ben, Rebecca, Sandi, Micheal, Marcella, Ashley, Nicole, Big Ben, Bryan and Dreas! Join them in our regular Boot Camps or […]

2011 8-Week Transformation Contest Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitness presents… The 2011 8-Week Fitness Transformation Contest Get that Beach Body Ready for Summer!!!! Over the last few years, I have helped hundreds of people just like you lose thousands of lbs of fat. Our unique and integrated rapid fat loss training and nutrition system is second to none in producing body […]