Have a Cheat Meal….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Real quick I wanted to touch on a question I got from an old buddy of mine Steve B! He sent me a message and asked me to touch on having a cheat meal or cheat day based on my thoughts. Honestly, I don’t subscribe to having an entire cheat day….just my philosophy…..I don’t see […]

Ask yourself…….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys real quick before the weekend comes up……..ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Am I in better or worse shape than I was 5 years ago? Then ask yourself…… 2. If I continue on the current path I am on, what shape will I be in 5 years from now? Pretty scary for some of […]

There is No Try….Jeremy Scott Fitness

If you are reading this you just took one step towards this way of life. More steps should follow… I know my destiny is a rocky path and my time has not yet come. I am on hungry with enthusiasm and doubling my efforts daily to meet the future with a purpose. You must will […]

Jeremy Scott Fitness Charity Boot Camp!!!

Just wanted to post a quick video and some photos of everyone today who came in and kicked ass for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We were able to raise over $400 today for Jonica, so she exceeded her goal!!!! Check out the video and pictures from today’s events!!! Thank you all for supporting The […]

Check your Fridge….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Another day of healthy eating and training hard…… Sometimes I give you guys a look into my training, my diet, my life, well here is one more look at the inside of my refrigerator. I have no secrets this is what I eat 99% of the time, chicken, fish, steak, veggies, eggs, cottage cheese, ect….. […]

Workout Muse Push Up Challenge….JSF

Hey guys real quick just wanted to throw up this video of a recent push up challenge issued by BJ over at Workout Muse. As you guys know we do everything on a progression in our Boot Camps Level 1-3 sometimes 4-5 for the really bad ass campers. We’ll today here is a level 6 […]

Super Bowl Special…JSF Style

Now that we have all found our switch to keep that fire light and motivation high courtesy or yesterday’s blog post. I want to give everyone a Super Supplement Gift in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl…. As you may know, my team, the Minnesota Vikings, didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. However, the neighboring […]

Find your Switch….Jeremy Scott Fitness

Do you guys have a switch you flip when your motivation goes? I think one of the most important things you can have is a switch that turns an unmotivated day into a killer training session. We all have those days we don’t feel like working hard, like training a certain body part, eating the […]

Another day to get it right……JSF

Another Monday….another chance to kick ass on all your fitness goals…… I have a few things to get out to you guys today, but before I get into that take a moment for the late great Jack LaLanne who passed away Sunday the fitness icon was 96 years old. This guy trained all the way […]