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Financial Planning with Dimitri Spanos

Financial Planning with Dimitri Spanos on the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast  Click Here to listen to the episode  Talking all things Investments and Financial Planning with Oppenheimer Senior Director Dimitri Spanos on today’s episode.  We dive into current market conditions, interest rates, mortgages, inflation, QE, retirement, where to begin as a young investor and much […]

David Jack Episode 500 Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast

The Human Condition with David Jack Episode #500 Click Here to give this episode a listen. Warning: This podcast episode is 0% fitness related, so if you are looking for tips on your squat or how to get ripped this isn’t the episode for that. This is simply a recorded conversation of two friends talking […]

39 Years & 39 Life Lessons

39 Years & 39 Life Lessons Jeremy Scott Fitness  Over the last few years I have updated a blog on my Birthday dropping what I like to call some “real life knowledge bombs” I think could help you guys live a more meaningful life. CLICK HERE to listen to this full episode via the Jeremy Scott […]

How to Eat Junk Food

How to Eat Junk Food Episode 487 of The Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast  CLICK HERE to listen.  Talking about how to eat junk food a step by step guide for real people. Playing off a great article that was featured over at PN from Brian St. Pierre and Alisa Bowman. We talk the good, the […]

My Million Dollar Car

Podcast Episode 485 – My Million Dollar Car – Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  My Million Dollar Car: we are talking about my sexy 2008 Honda Accord with no radio & 167,000 miles on it and how driving it for the past almost 11 years has changed the trajectory of my financial […]

Zach Turnure & The Ohio State University

Zach Turnure Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast CLICK HERE  Chopping it up with fellow fitness pro Zach Turnure today on the JSF podcast. Zach attended The Ohio State University on a lacrosse scholarship. During his sophomore year in 2014, Zach decided to walk on to the Ohio State football team as a linebacker where he became […]

Carmen Ohling Holistic Life Coach

Carmen Ohling Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast CLICK HERE to listen.  Chatting with the great and powerful Carmen Ohling. Carmen is a holistic life coach for high achieving women, in addition to a speaker, podcaster, and former corporate executive. She has served as an expert on many media outlets, such as: Fox News, Living Local and a […]

Doug White MLB Pitching Coach

Doug White Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast CLICK HERE to listen.  Going deep down the law of attraction rabbit hole with Doug White. He has taken his expertise as a major league pitching coach and combined it with his passion for personal growth to Co-found Soul Centered Workshops and the Mindful Vibin’ Podcast and to consult […]