Online Coaching

Online Coaching 

Now you can train with Jeremy & his entire coaching staff online no matter what city, state or country you live in. 

Our online coaching platform is only for serious, motivated people who wish to truly make a lifestyle change that lasts forever. 

We will take you through an extensive assessment to dig deep into why you want to make this change, so we can define your needs, goals, and map out a road to success for you. 

You will learn the correct habits, methods, and practices to be successful in your preperation, training, and nutriton when life gets hectic you will be armed with the tools to stay on track. No more running around in circles wasting, energy, money and most important no more wasting your valuable time not seeing results. 

No more guess work on how, when, and what you should be training. 

No more wondering about what, when, and how much you should be eating. 

No more confusion on how you stay driven, motivated, and inspired to keep going. 

You will be educated, motivated, and held accountable via email, private coaching group access, and phone calls with Jeremy & his staff to make sure you are in the best position possible to be successful. 

Our monthly coaching is tailored for you personally each month, the training and the nutrition are  based on your assessment, your  goals, and your personal progress. 

Please click below to apply, please note our spots are limited to ensure you get the absolute best coaching from myself and our staff.

If you are ready to leave your old life behind and make success mandatory then lets get together and make it happen today!


What do you get with my online coaching program?

~ You get my knowledge and experience. I transformed thousands of people over the past 10 years just like you online as well as in person and continue to do so each day. I have also transformed myself personally and never looked back.

~ Accountability – we want you to succeed, weekly check-ins and for certain programs daily training check-ins. Nutrition tracking, daily-weekly-monthly goal setting for all areas of your fitness.

~ My coaching network, I have personal access to some of the greatest coaches in the health, nutrition, fitness industry. You are truly getting to work with the best of the best through my program.

~ Easy access to me personally as well as my coaching stuff.

~ Extensive Library of resources including everything from:

– Grocery Store Guides

– Full Meal Plans

– 100 + Exercise Library

– 100 + HIIT Training Workouts

– Access to my best selling cookbook

– Carb Cycling Guides

– Allergy Eating Guides

– Weekly videos on nutrition, training, workouts, motivation

– Much more, content being added weekly


Here’s what you’ll receive:

Initial Success Session Assessment

  • Phone consult with me 1 on 1 to set the stage
  • Health History Goal Setting Questionnaire
  • Before/Progress Photos with timeline goals
  • Private Access to our Inner Circle Coaching Group
  • Real Time Q & A access to myself and coaching staff

Personalized Nutrition Plan

– Nutrition Education: what eating style is right for you?

– Specific Macro Nutrient Plan

– Done for You Meal Plans, Grocery Guide and Recipes

– Weekly Feedback from myself on your eating

Personalized Training Program

– Training program built for you and your goals

– Goal setting and progress tracking on your training

– Video access and library of all training movements

– Access to all our best selling training protocols

 Requirements –

Must be 21 years of age –

No major medical physical limitations

Open mind in your training & nutrition

Willing to set goals and achieve them

Be positive

Give your 100% whatever that looks like give it daily

Be serious about making a lifestyle change – YOU ARE NOT JUST IN IT FOR A QUICK FIX. 

If this sounds like you, apply below for an opening our spots are LIMITED as I want to ensure each client reaches their goals and gets 100% out of our program. 


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