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One Bite Won’t Kill You!

One Bite Won’t Kill You……..Um yes it kind of will!!!   Kelly Groff ISSA CFT – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Coach  I have heard this over and over and I know some of you have too.  On my healthy lifestyle journey one thing that I have had a hard time letting go of is the […]

Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition & Supplements- Monica Millage CSCS

Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition & Supplements by Monica Millage CSCS – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness One of the most common questions I get now that I am pregnant is how my nutritional and supplemental needs have changed.  It actually surprised me how similar they are to my pre-pregnancy routine.  Of course there are things I’ve had […]

Eat As If…… Jeremy Scott Fitness

Eat As If …… Jeremy Scott Fitness  Eat As If…..   What does that mean exactly? Eat As If?   Long story short, it means Eat As If You Give A Shit!   That’s right from here on out you should start…Eating As If You Give a Shit!   Eat As If You Care About […]

Banana Oat Protein Bars – Jeremy Scott

I know a lot of you guys struggle with eating on the go and making good choices in a rush. Here is a healthy little snack you can put together and take with you instead of grabbing some junk at the local gas station. Tasty, quick, easy and great for you as well. Let me […]

Fat Loss For 2013 – Eating The Right Way To Get Lean

Do you want to FINALLY lose the fat in 2013? Do you workout regularly? Do you kill yourself doing workouts? Still not seeing the results in the mirror? We have the answer; it’s time to stop wasting your life working out for minimal or no results. Don’t take it from us see what our clients […]

Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Here is an old favorite of mine that I like to have every now and then to break the monotony with my post workout nutrition. If you guys love chocolate and peanut butter give this a try for your next protein shake. You guys can also submit almond butter for peanut butter if you wish […]

Bison Spinach Burgers – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Bison Spinach Burgers – Jeremy Scott Fitness  For more grilling recipes like this for summer grab them HERE    1lb Ground Bison 12oz baby spinach ¼ cup old fashion oats ¼ cup chopped onion 2 Tbsp. Chopped parsley 2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp. Tabasco sauce Mix all ingredients into a large mixing bowl split […]

Happy Holidays – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Happy Holidays – Jeremy Scott Fitness Last year I did a blog on the top 10 things I was thankful for on Thanksgiving, and honestly many of those things are still the exact same, friends, family, you get the idea. So, I decided to mix it up this year and share some tips you can […]

Trans Fats Are Bad…. Do You Know Why? Jeremy Scott Fitness

We all know trans fats are bad…but do you know WHY?   Here is the simple stupid version of why you should avoid them in your diet 100% of the time if possible.   Remember these words “hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils”   It’s the hidden language for trans fats – and the reason they […]

50 Day "Save Your Stomach" Survival Guide – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitness 50-Day “Save Your Stomach” Survival Guide If you don’t want to see your waistline grow from now until 2013 –this is for YOU!  November 12th – December 31st  – 50 Days for $50  Ok guys here it is simple, effective, nothing fancy, I am not going to sell you on this one […]