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6 Reasons To STOP Bitching About Your Life

-6 Reasons To STOP Bitching About Your Life – by Jeremy Scott of Jeremy Scott Fitness  This blog is not about training, intermittent fasting, gluten free, paleo, carb backloading, tababtas, CrossFit or anything in that universe. This message is about something much more important than strength training and nutrition….and yes there is things more important […]

Scottsdale Health Magazine – Team JSF

I have been in fitness magazines before and undoubtedly I will be in them again. However, I wanted to share this with all of you as it’s rare to make it into any magazine fitness or otherwise with your business partners and best buddies. This is from the December issue of Scottsdale Health where Ben, […]

Happy Holidays – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Happy Holidays – Jeremy Scott Fitness Last year I did a blog on the top 10 things I was thankful for on Thanksgiving, and honestly many of those things are still the exact same, friends, family, you get the idea. So, I decided to mix it up this year and share some tips you can […]

Thanksgiving Day Damage Control Workout – Jeremy Scott Fitness

The Thanksgiving Day DAMAGE CONTROL Workout  Jeremy Scott Fitness  Ok guys here it is our 4th Annual Thanksgiving Day “Damage Control” Workout that will be brutally tough, I know I always say “easy day” but not Thursday so be prepared! – Like always there are multiple progressions for all ability levels.   Like I said […]

Charity Boot Camp for LLS – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys if you are around Saturday November 10th at 8am and 9am we are helping out a JSF Athlete – Sara Miller  is trying to raise some funds for LLS. – Half of all the proceeds will be going to her and the LLS pledge she has made. Please stop by if you get […]

#GetAfterIt – Reebok & Jeremy Scott Fitness

#GetAfterIt – many of you guys have seen me # this as of late and have probably seen me rocking the @ Reebok shirt as well. From an everyday standpoint the shirt is great – lightweight has that nice stretch fit feel and fits me like a glove.  But I want to venture a little […]

PROLAB Pumpkin Spice Latte – Jeremy Scott

If you are like me you drink coffee or espresso specifically in my case, and being it’s that time of the year I thought we could add a little pumpkin kick to your morning wake up call. So here is a little PROLAB Pumpkin Protein Spice Latte Instead of dropping $6 at Starbucks and packing […]

Reebok Review – Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Recently I was fortunate enough to hook up with Reebok and try out some of their new athletic apparel, over the past few weeks I have been training with their athletic shorts, tops and the Realflex Transition 2.0! They come standard with the black or grey laces – I opted to add my own fresh white […]

Member of the Month -Megan Polynin – Jeremy Scott Fitness

JSF SPOTLIGHT: Megan Polynin Where are you originally from? I grew up in fabulous Minnesota & moved to Arizona 11 years ago.   How long have you been coming to JSF? My first class at JSF was in March 2011, so about a year and a half.   What was your fitness regimen prior to […]

The #1 Reason You Aren’t Getting Results – Jeremy Scott Fitness

The #1 Reason You Aren’t Getting Results  Why are you not getting the desired results you want? Why are you seeing others around you get lean and drop dress/pants sizes while you stand still? The answer my friends in one word is “Accountability” that’s right you are not being held accountable in your eating. Nutrition is the […]