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How Being Awful Makes You Awesome

How being awful makes you awesome   Monday is back and so are we with a throwback #mandatoryminute blooper video for you CLICK HERE to soak it in. Most of you have seen me coach in person, online, came to an event I spoke at, or if nothing else listened to and watched me on […]

You Are NOT Here to Just Pay Bills & Die

You Are NOT Here to Just Pay Bills & Die…. You are NOT here to waste your life away in a cubicle working some job you hate.   You are NOT here to worship cars, homes, clothes, and “stuff” you are surrounded by daily.   You are NOT here to idolize famous movie stars, musicians, […]

What Are You Working For?

What Are You Working For? When you wake up and go through your day what are you really working for?   What are you spending your time doing?   Are you making a difference?   Think of it this way…   Name me the last 5 Super Bowl Champions?   Name me the last 5 […]

You Can’t Always Do More

You can’t always just do more… Trust me I wake up at 3:50am everyday, doing more for me at this point really isn’t possible, doing more won’t make me more successful.   Often times in the early stages of your fitness journey, career, relationship you can simply just do more and things will improve….   […]

You Are The 1%

You Are The 1% Be grateful for the life you have not the one you don’t. Often times we get so caught up wanting, wishing, and worrying about the life we don’t have or the life we think we want.   We have quote on the wall of our facility at Jeremy Scott Fitness here […]

Transformation Opportunity Apply TODAY!

****TOTAL BODY & LIFE TRANSFORMATION OPPORTUNITY**** Looking for 20 highly motivated people who want to make drastic changes in their entire life including their body, nutrition, relationships, career goals, mindset and overall health – mental, physical, emotional.   NOTE – this is 100% FREE to you, we would normally charge $499 for this type of […]

A Day In The Life ~ Jeremy Scott

A Day In The Life ~ Jeremy Scott  Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer  Make Success Mandatory Author    I have a ton of fun projects I am working on for you guys, body image, body dysmorphia, some funky nutrition, traning, body comp things that will be cool when they all come together. But […]

Less Is More….

Less Is More by Jeremy Scott Fitness  Sometimes less is more, take a ride with me for a second as I explain…. Think of your life with Less…… Less Debt Less Stress Less Drama Less Problems Less Material Stuff Less Obligations Less Distractions You get the idea here…..   Now think of a Life with […]

Skydiving & Success: Jeremy Scott Fitness

Skydiving & Success Jeremy Scott  Jeremy Scott Fitness –Make Success Mandatory  Another bucket list item down about 865 more to go before I hopefully kick the bucket…  For a long time Heather and I have talked about going skydiving, but travel, work, personal and other scheduling issues delayed it time and time again.  Until this […]

Are YOU pissed off for greatness?

I have an important question to ask you that can instantly improve the quality of your career, relationships, physical body, and overall life. Ready? Are you pissed off for greatness? Ray Lewis once said “if you aren’t pissed off for greatness, you’re ok with being mediocre” If you are not pissed off for greatness what […]