Music and Training with Jeremy Scott Fitness

Music is a big part of training at Jeremy Scott Fitness, and in the personal training of Dave, Ben, and myself as well, we always have our head phones on blasting our favorite tunes to stay motivated when we train. Check out our personal favorite songs below that keep us motivated when we train. And please […]

BCAA's -Jeremy Scott Fitness

BCAA’s THE BUILDING BLOCKS! – What are they? BCAA’s, also known as branch-chain amino acids, are “the building blocks” of the body and here is why. When protein is entered into the body it is broken down into organic compounds called amino acids.  The first type of amino acid is called essential, which cannot be […]

Jason Ellis: Jeremy Scott Fitness

This past Christmas Holiday I had the opportunity to work with one of the best in the fitness business, Jason Ellis of Jason Ellis Photography. I took a little family vacation over the holiday to Newport Beach CA, for a little work and relaxation time.   Jason has worked with everyone under the sun in […]

Beta Alanine Benefits – Jeremy Scott Prolab Sponsored Athlete

Hey guys I have been getting a lot of questions via email about some of the photos of supplements I have been posting on facebook, so I thought I would share my thoughts on Beta Alanine so you can see if it’s right for you to try in your fitness routine. What is Beta Alanine? Beta Alanine […]