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Real Transformations – Checkout the hundreds of Jeremy Scott Fitness athletes we have helped in their fat loss & weight loss transformations. Not only have they changed their bodies but more importantly their overall health, happiness, and lifestyle forever! 


 kathy wills226833_10151473422276252_833517049_n-3

“Today I feel great, have lost 30 pounds and gone from a size 12 to a size 4.  My body fat has decreased by 15 percentage points.  I enjoy shopping for clothes so much more and love being able to try new activities with confidence.  My husband occasionally joins me at the weekend workouts and my daughter actually loves going to the weekly youth camp. Thanks Jeremy Scott Fitness for changing my life!” ~Kathy Wills


John Lombardi went from 230lbs t0 180lbs of shredded wheat – 50lbs fat loss transformation.

Let John tell you how he did it -watch video below.




Let Stacy Dill tell you about her 90lb Weight Loss Transformation ~

Check out her weekly progress pictures ~


Sam Lapid ~ 47 Day Transformation Graduate ~


Mandy Lang ~ 55 Day Challenge Contest Athlete ~

Here are my “after” photos. I have lost a total of 14 pounds, gone down 3 pant sizes and lost several inches around my waist, stomach and thighs. But more importantly I have gained confidence and self worth. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I can’t wait to continue my journey and look perfect on my wedding day. 61 days and counting!!





Learn more about Dr. Ben Leff and hear about his fat loss transformation story ~ 


Dr. Ben Leff ~ 46 years young Birthday after photo!


Over 80lbs of weight loss for Dr. Ben Leff and this is only the start of his overall life transformation! 


47 Day Transformation Graduate ~ Mary Benecke ~


Lissy Shoppa ~ 95lb Fat Loss Transformation…


Before I started coming to JSF I picked up jogging/running. I ran either on my treadmill or out in the street 3 to 4 days week about 2 miles each run. What made me finally choose to come to JSF was I felt as if I wasn’t gaining any muscle or losing any more weight, I think I hit a plateau. I had already lost around 40-50 lbs, but wanted to lose more weight and needed to tone and tighten. I knew I needed something different and decided it was time to hand myself over to someone who could help me. As of today, I’m down almost 100lbs total from the start of my “lifestyle change” journey, 8 months ago, and around 8-9 dress sizes smaller.

~Lissy Shoppa 


95lbs down and counting….


Lissy Shoppa – melting away week after week – she started her fat loss journey just over 250lbs and today she is nearly 100lbs down – as of these photos above she is 95lbs lighter and inching closer and closer to 100lbs of fat lost. Amazing effort, work, and dedication – she did it, you could be next! 



I’m a big believer in following the experts. Where you are expert you should lead but where you are not, you should follow. I listen to what Jeremy, Monica, and Kelly say. They are experts in fitness. The 3 biggest things I can recommend is to reflect on what you want out of life, be in a mood of willingness and to stay ‘plastic’ – give what they recommend a try and really ‘lean in’…go full blown with all out abandon to follow. Do you have the life you are after? If not, why not follow an expert? ~Sarah Nesland


Sharon Rosa-Bohrer ~ 47 Day Transformation Graduate ~


Over the past 10 years I had been a member at three different gyms.  Everytime I went in with a strong mental commitment to work hard and get results.  I thought I would achieve my goals by spending a lot of time working out without any real idea that the workout was only half the battle.  These experiences left me with injuries and sore joints, but without the progress in appearance I had hoped for.  Jeremy helped me realize that great results come from the quality of the workout combined with smart eating… not the quantity of workout time. 

Jeremy really helped me understand nutrition when I did a ten day challenge last year.  The results I got by doing exactly what he asked me to do were remarkable and I realized that fat loss and muscle gain does not have to leave you feeling hungry and tired.  I am about to start a 28 day challenge and can’t wait to watch the impact clean eating will have on my body. ~Jay Meade



“I used to think that I could eat whatever I wanted and just exercise a bad diet away. I did not see results until I learned from the trainers at Jeremy Scott Fitness that it all starts at the grocery store. If you have junk food and drink in your pantry remove it and buy healthy foods to replace them. Involve the entire family! Our family worked as a team. Eating healthy benefits the entire family … no matter what your size!” ~Margo Willis

Megan Minnaugh ~ 47 Day Transformation Graduate ~




Jeremy Scott Fitness completely changed my lifestyle to a healthy one – even though I used to think it was healthy.  I thought I ate healthy and I thought my workout routine was good.  Boy was I wrong!  The 30 minute intense boot camp style training 3 days/week has given me more muscle and strength than I’ve ever had before but the nutritional coaching is what has made the biggest difference in my life.  WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH IS KEY TO GETTING THE BODY YOU WANT!  That’s what I’ve learned at Jeremy Scott Fitness. ~Susan Brady



Take advantage of all that Jeremy has to offer! He does so much more than just teach us how to exercise. If you listen to all his knowledge about food and nutrition and start eating clean. The results are amazing! ~Alison Eagmin 



I was never fit. I had been the fat smart kid since I had to take steroids for Henoch Schonlein Purpura at 6 years old then I was bulimic in the 8th grade. I was up and down with my weight ever since. I did the yo-yo diets, calorie restriction, gyms, work out DVDs, diet pills, etc. I gained about 30-35 pounds during my doctorate program from 2010-2012.  Moving to Scottsdale made it a reality of how fat I had gotten.  My brother is a lot like Jeremy, and I talked to him about the membership. I saw results – 8 pounds in the first month – so I stuck with it. I started macronutrient daily goals in March. From April to August, I’ve lost 17 inches on my abdomen and have some abs definition!

I love the people, the motivation, inspiration, dedication, and hard work of the trainers and other JSF athletes. Jeremy, Kelly, and Monica are so approachable to discuss fitness and nutrition goals, and they will guide you with individualized nutrition plans. The challenges are awesome and really help you clean up your eating. You will see results when you put in the work. ~Missy Rumple



Dave – Detroit, MI – Lost over 28lbs in 100 days, but more important than the numbers check out the before and after photos, bad ass change! He is only going to get better from here!!!


Steve Boudoin ~ 47 Day Transformation Graduate ~


Rick’s Advice to future JSF Athletes“Listen to the pro’s (that would be the JSF crew)! After working out for about a year, while good, it was not what I was after. So, I listened…it’s all about the nutrition…manage your macro’s (I now know what macro’s are). But my personal advice is keep the faith (stay focused), be patient, work hard. If you follow the lead – things happen!” ~Rick Shaffer 



One of our Get Lean Challenge Members Marcella- new, improved, lean & sexy as ever!!



90 Days of dedication, coaching and having fun with training & eating at JSF – Jen Sheneman 



55 Day Challenge Member Heather Schroeder looking as lean and sexy as ever!



Online Coaching Athlete Rachel Dodge lost 22.5 inches and counting!



Online Coaching Athlete John Schevel jumping into the best shape of his life with JSF.



A little over two years ago, I contacted Jeremy Scott to help my son lose weight.  My son was obese.  Jeremy worked with my son and coached him on fitness and nutrition.  I remember sitting in my car outside of Jeremy Scott Fitness waiting for my son.  I was embarrassed to go in because I, too, was very overweight.  When my son was finished, Jeremy would follow my son out to the car and talk with me.  He spoke with compassion, understanding, and so much more.  He really cared!  I asked Jeremy about the adult boot camps.  I was very scared to try them!  I thought I would embarrass myself.  Again, he was compassionate, understanding and not pushy.  Four months later, I finally tried a Jeremy Scott Fitness group training and knew it was for me.  Also, and more importantly, he coached us on proper nutrition.  Jeremy helped me get my entire family in shape by showing us how to eat clean.  Both my son and I have lost a total of 140 pounds!  I will always be grateful to him for everything he has done for me and my family.  His style and knowledge is unmatched. ~Margo Willis



My good friend and training partner now ripped up like Rambo – Ben Novak



I don’t normally do this, but I hit a pretty big milestone today. I started a lifestyle change to get healthier as one of my New Years resolutions… As a father of (then) almost 2 kids, I didn’t want to be the lazy, fat dad that didn’t have the energy to play with his kids. I’m happy to say that I have lost 50 pounds as of this morning. A huge thank you to Jeremy Scott and all of his incredible encouragement and programs to get me on track! If you want to get serious about a lifestyle change, he is a great contact to make. Ok…shameless plugging over! Have a blessed day! ~Sean K. ~ Online Coaching Client




Online Coaching Athlete Melissa Roby making REAL LIFE changes forever! 



I just wanted to say thank you for allowing Birgit to join us today. I want you to know the impact that your workout had on her today. She decided to come at the very last minute, which surprised me because she is very timid about new challenges especially in this area. Today was such a blessing for SO MANY reasons!!

The only thing she has done for the past 2 years is the pre-core and treadmill and a couple of machines that she feels comfortable on. I’m telling you all of this because I want you to know that you are changing lives of people that you don’t even know or that you will only have a few encounters with! ALL of your hard work is paying off in some very special ways. I just want you to know that I appreciate your hard work as well as the blood, sweat and tears that goes into JSF!!!! You all truly KICK ASS!!!!

Blessing, Jessica Hicks – Scottsdale, AZ





Steve D. -Sioux Falls, SD 10 Week 2 Ripped Men’s Program 



Chris Eagmin – Before/After 10 Weeks 2 Ripped Program JSF 


Chris Eagmin – Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete 



Ian Liljeblad- Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete 10 Weeks 2 Ripped program



Jeremy Hayden – Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete – 10 Week to Ripped Program 



Geoff Little – Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete – 10 Weeks 2 Ripped Program 



Group Training Athlete Linda -dropping pounds and inches day after day!



55 Day Challenge Athlete Renee – Before/After



 Jill B. Mother of two – looking amazing!!!



Jen H. making a total body transformation in just 90 short days!



30 Days average to AMAZING Tammy K.



One long kick ass journey for my man Cody over 100lbs gone!!!


267553_10150234748871252_2450035_n 1003847_603119719718462_2096953300_n

My Mother 53 years old after just 90 days & Cover of Scottsdale Health Magazine!



My man Stu looking as lean and ripped as ever!



My advice to other members to get great results would be that it really is all about what you put in your mouth.  Plain and simple.  If you have a bad eating meal/day.  Start eating right on the next meal.  ~Jenn Stockhill 



Roxanne Keller – Scottsdale, AZ



Cuan White, Scottdale AZ




Allison Peretz, Scottsdale AZ


Jeremy Scott Fitness has helped me to lose over 20 pounds. I thought my eating habits were not all that bad but soon after doing my first challenge I realized how wrong I was. All you have to do is follow his simple (and I mean simple) eating plans and the weight will just drop off. I guarantee it.

Heidi H. – Scottsdale, AZ  

I heard about Jeremy Scott Fitness through living social, I have been in search for a bootcamp and used the deals to try a few out. After going to Jeremys I was hooked! He always switches things up and I noticed results after the first month! Thats why I deciced to sign up for the year membership. I knew it was time to get my ass into shape! Jeremy is also great at giving advice on dieting, working out outside of bootcamp and making sure that you are keeping up with the goals you have set! He has done a great job and making bootcamp fun and interesting!

Amanda H. – Cave Creek, AZ

I have been only going to Jeremy Scott’s boot camp he offers for about a month & a half & I am so glad that I decided to join! I finally reached my point where trying to tone up and lose weight just wasn’t working on my own! After having my son 2 years ago it totally changed my body… and it wasn’t for the best! In just this month and a half I am already noticing changes and tightening in areas and I couldn’t be more excited! Jeremy stays in contact everyday with meal plans and work outs when you aren’t in boot camp! He has earned his own folder in my email that I find myself going back to regularly! Anytime I have a question he is always there to answer! During boot camps you don’t have a drill sergeant yelling and screaming at you, instead Jeremy is constantly pushing you to not give up and is very motivating! He keeps boot camps different every time so after every work out I leave with a new muscle or body part yelling at me that I forgot was in there! Every body part is targeted and its great! It keeps me excited about going back! Never am I struggling to get out of bed to go! Also, being a single mom being able to commit to something like this is difficult, but he has so many time slots allotted that I still have the ability to fit boot camp into my schedule! Not only am I seeing a difference in my body, I also see a difference in my confidence and the way that I carry myself! So its great not for only my outside but as well as the inside! icon smile Clients | Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Brittany S. – Phoenix, AZ

Jeremy is a great trainer and full of wonderful information that is needed to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The boot camp is high intensity, yet only 30 minutes and you feel great after. If you haven’t tried it out; do it! There is no better day than the present to get started!

Charity F. – Phoenix, AZ

Jeremy Scott Fitness is amazing! The first trainer that just tells you straight up what you have to do and eat to get to your fitness goals. Once you have been told, he then makes sure to hold you accountable and makes those goals a reality! I would recommend his personal training, or his boot camps to everyone! I’ve done and continue to do them both! Your body will thank you in just a matter of weeks!!!

Josh P. – Phoenix, AZ

Best bootcamp ever! The half hour sessions guaranteed a high intensity workout. Jeremy did a great job of mixing up the workouts so they were never the same and never boring. He offered several levels for every move, making sure that everyone in class had options that challenged them. His advice on nutrition was awesome. I highly recommend JSF.

Liz T. – Phoenix, AZ

I’ve worked out with many personal trainers, at some of the best gyms; I’ve boxed and tried other bootcamps and JSF far out exceeds them all. Jeremy Scott has created an incredible workout program for his bootcamp clients. I found him through a online deal and went twice a week for a month…during that time we never repeated the same exercise twice. Always something different, always very challenging and always felt like I kicked my own butt after only 30 minutes. After only a month, I had friends asking me how much weight I had lost… it wasn’t necessarily how much weight but how many “inches”.

Jeremy is not only a great trainer, he is an incredible motivator and inspiration. He is extremely knowledgeable about exercise, health and nutrition and shares his knowledge daily with his clients via email. He is always more than willing to talk with each individual before or after class to help them choose what will work best for them. You couldn’t ask for a better program or a better trainer…it’s worth every penny!!

Kathee M.– Scottsdale, AZ

Jeremy’s boot camps are killer. You think that 30 minutes is nothing until you start and then you realize how much can be packed into 1/2 hour. Each session is different so you never get bored and your body doesn’t know what’s coming next. The rotations are kept simple and variations are given for different levels. Jeremy is very enthusiastic, encouraging and positive and provides a strong role model of what he preaches. He doesn’t bark or intimidate, always pleasant and motivating. He provides nutritional information and general lifestyle focus which is a real plus.

Carol M.– Scottsdale, AZ

Jeremy’s boot camps are great! I’ve done several local boot camps, and while I have taken something away from each, I’ve especially enjoyed this one. The big thing is the energy. Jeremy is moving throughout the class the whole time encouraging and motivating the group, and it makes a huge difference. Also, changing up the stations, and the fact that it just high energy for only 30 minutes keeps it exciting!

Jean N.– Scottsdale, AZ

Jeremy Scott Fitness is incredible! After having my third child, JSF really helped me lose the baby weight in a quicker amount of time than I would have on my own. I was struggling with working full-time, being a mom and trying to eat right and get in shape. Jeremy Scott Fitness seemed like the perfect solution as I am so limited on time. Jeremy helped give me lots of good food choices and personalized my workouts to fit me and my time constraints. Jeremy motivated me and kept me on task. He was always available if I had a question or didn’t understand how to do something. The amazing part is that we have never even met face to face. To have that type of support and expert advice at my fingertips is amazing! In two months Jeremy got me into my pre-pregnancy clothes and in shape for a vacation where I would be in shorts and a swimsuit. I still can’t believe where I am at! And his motivation makes me want to keep going!! JSF is amazing and well worth the money spent. For anyone who has a busy hectic life and wants to get into shape, I highly recommend JSF!!

Peggy K.– Winona, MN

I’ve been doing Jeremy’s fitness classes and Saturday bootcamps for over a month now, and I can’t say enough. If you’re a busy mom, or a busy working mom, don’t think twice – you owe yourself this 30 minutes. If like me you’re also over 45 and been inactive for awhile, this is a great workout in a safe environment. Jeremy’s a wonderful motivator and each class accomodates whatever level you’re at. Make no mistake, you’ll find yourself pushing it to the max, using muscles long forgotten, and feeling better mentally and physically because of it. Did I mention it fits in a chaotic schedule and is absolutely affordable?
Am I ever going to be a 26-yr-old swimsuit model? Not a chance, but I can be a kick-ass 50-something with Jeremy Scott Fitness. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Jerene C. – Phoenix, AZ

Jeremy Scott Fitness changed my whole perspective on working out. The boot camp program is engaging, efficient and challenging. Each 30-minute workout is different and fun, and it keeps your muscles guessing. He also keeps in contact with us through the week to make sure we are keeping our diet focused. My first month goals were achieved easily, and my 3 month goals were surpassed in under 2 months. Even as I move away from Phoenix, I know that his online program will keep me on track. Definitely the most motivating and effective trainer I have ever encountered.

Shari V. – Scottsdale, AZ

After the birth of my first daughter, I was really struggling to pull off the last 20 of the 50 lbs I gained. I am from Minnesota and know Jeremy, so when I saw that he had online options for weight loss and nutrition coaching, I decided to take a chance because what I had been doing was not working any more. I’ve lost 10 lbs in a little over a month and am finally starting to see definition back in my body. One of the best parts of his programs are that they are ridiculously efficient. I’m no longer spending 1 1/2- 2 hours at the gym to do the same thing and get the same results I do with his 45 min-1 hour workouts. His philosophy is that we are not there to sit around – get your shit done and enjoy the feeling of good, hard work when you’re finished. So even if you don’t live near Jeremy, the ability for him to design a fitness program and nutrition program and follow up with you whenever you need makes you feel like he’s right there with you. Awesome program and will definitely recommend it to other people!

Kim S. – St. Paul, MN

Jeremy Scott’s boot camp is one of the best camps I’ve participated in. He makes it easy to understand, but most importantly fun. I definitely get a great workout while I’m there and I’m starting to see results in just only a month. He also gives you great nutrition tips and how to eat well. I can’t wait to get there in the morning and I feel awesome when I walk out!!

Jessica G. -Scottsdale, AZ

All I have to say about Jeremy Scott Fitness is that……. I NEVER stick to anything… and I’m going strong on 3 months!!! SOOO with that being said, It has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me!!! icon smile Clients | Scottsdale Personal Trainer Seriously, I’ve noticed such a difference in my endurance and the way my clothes fit me.. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier, and actually enjoy working out now. Something I used to HATE!

Sara G. – Scottsdale, AZ

I absolutely love boot camp with Jeremy! Every class is different and he makes it doable for everyone. He pushes you to work hard and gives you great tips on what to eat and what not to eat. I was never one to stick to working out over a long period of time and since I started boot camp I love it! I feel great and am getting toned and definitely plan on continuing working with Jeremy:)

Ania Z.– Scottsdale, AZ

I’ve tried 2 other boot camps before Jeremy’s and his is by far the best as far as seeing results. His program is very structured but he changes things up so you don’t become bored. He motivates you but doesn’t yell at you and you aren’t subjected to any lectures. I have seen a change in as little as three weeks. He offers helpful e-mails to keep you on track with both your workouts and your diet and his one goal is to help you get in the best shape of your life. I’ve been very impressed and will be staying at Jeremy Scott Fitness.

Karen B. – Scottsdale, AZ

I started training at Jeremy Scott Fitness about 4 months ago and from the first workout, I knew there was something different about Jeremy’s bootcamps. Bootcamps are constantly changing and challenging different parts of the body…it’s fun to walk into bootcamp without knowing what he has in store for us on any given day; it keeps our bodies and minds guessing!  It didn’t take long (maybe 2 weeks) to notice my body changing and getting stronger.  Jeremy is an unbelievable trainer and even better motivator.  He holds every one of his students accountable and encourages us, every day, to eat clean and KICK ASS!

Carey S.– Phoenix, AZ

I took advantage of an online deal Jeremy was offering and haven’t been disappointed so far. Ever since i took my first MMA class in San Luis Obispo, I have compared every fitness experience to that class. Up to now, no one has come even close. Normally, I finish my workouts with these “bootcamps” and I’m left feeling shafted and not at all feeling like I worked out. Jeremy’s style of circuit is different….intense…short bursts, which leave me feeling extremely winded and like my arms and legs are en fuego.
His nutrition plan is strict, but if you want to get healthy and lose weight, that’s what you have to do. I can’t stick to it, but if you can, more power to you. Jeremy is ripped….he has the real life muscles that you see in magazines, so obviously he’s doing something right.
If you’ve tried other fitness programs and been disappointed, check out Jeremy’s classes. There’s no time like the present!

Travis B.– Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Jeremy, Just a quick note to give you an update. I contacted you last year, asked that you help me with an exercise program and food outline. In a year, I’ve went from a size 12/13 to a size 7/8. My daily migraines are now a thing of the past, and I feel so much better. I cut pasta, bread, and sugar from my diet completely.  I now run every evening and strength train. To celebrate my success, I opted for 700 cc silicone breast implants. Thank you so much for what you did for me and for bringing back my confidence. I’ll try to send you some pictures soon. 

Sincerely,Marina Thomas – Cotati, California